About This Website

Hello. This website is a collection of all of my projects. Autumn Sounds, County Conservation District, The Chodeman, my art, films, my music, etc etc etc. Please take a look around. I appreciate you checking out my website.

Autumn Sounds: Autumn Sounds is my own label that I run where I release music on recycled cassettes. I've also branched out into VHS and DVDr (Autumn Sounds Home Video), CDr, etc etc. Some of the more notable artists i've worked with include Xiu Xiu, 3GI, CDR. If you're interested in sending a demo for consideration, please email me at steviematejka1@gmail.com

County Conservation District: CCD is my main musical project, although I have over 10 musical aliases. It's hard to pin it to one style of music. My earlier work falls under the category of ambient, experimental, and noise. However, my more recent music has more melodic elements, but still contains the experimental touch. To get into contact about booking, please email me at steviematejka1@gmail.com

About Me: I, Stephen Matejka, am a musician, filmmaker, illustrator, photographer, and video editor based in Pittsburgh, PA. Here is a link

to my resume and here is a link to my CV.

I do not own all the assets used on this website. If you see something that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to be on the site, or you would like credit, please let me know!