5/24/2020: Added Patreon and Artists tabs, added ~20 more links to random.

5/28/2020: The new County Conservation District album "Sun Bright Hotel" is now available!

Stream it here

Cassettes are available here

5/29/2020: Added discord, forum, and ~10 new links to random

6/05/2020: 30% of all sales on the Autumn Sounds bandcamp today will be spread amongst charities on this list (linked below) which will go towards defunding the police in Minnesota and giving aid to those who need it (if you have a specific charity you'd like your purchase going towards, even if it's not on this list, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request). In addition to this, both the previous charity tapes I have done (you stupid fucking fucks the rainforest is on fire you dumb pieces of shit let's do something about it/ FUCK HONG KONG POLICE) are still available and 100% of the proceeds of these tape sales go to their respective charities. Hong Kong needs our help more than ever as China is taking larger steps to take away Hong Kong's autonomy. Please help if you can, and if you're out there protesting like I have, look out for each other. Link

06/08/2020: My good friend Rey did an interview with me about the lain comp on his blog! Read it here!

6/17/2020: Fixed the discord invite link! It wasn't set to permanent

7/03/2020: THE LAIN COMP IS HERE! Listen/buy the cassette

7/09/2020: County Conservation District is planning a Japan tour for October 2020. Things are still in the works, and if anyone has any tips on who to talk to about shows, where to go, and what to see, or if you just have a place they can crash, please email steviematejka1@gmail.com A Press Kit is available here